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The Hermitage Distillery
RD #4, 7 th District
Franklin County, KY

(Est. 1862)

Cecil (p. 74) notes that the Hermitage was established by George Barry, E H Taylor Jr. and W A Gaines (Gaines, Barry & Co: the city directory lists the president as "Berry" rather than "Barry") in 1862.

In 1868, the company acquired the Crow distillery from the Oscar Pepper estate and reorganized as W A Gaines & Co.

In 1887, the company incorporated, Marshall J Allen Pres.

Insurance underwriter records from 1892 hint at the size of the distillery and its operations. The distillery itself was iron-clad and identified as a "sprinkled risk", suggesting a fire-control system. Other buildings surrounding the still included:
Cattle pens -- 75 ft north of the still,
Grain elevator -- stone and iron-clad wood construction, 45 ft west,
Warehouse A -- brick with a metal or slate roof, 275 ft NW
Warehouse B -- brick with a metal or slate roof, 250 ft NW and adjoining A
Warehouse C -- brick with a metal or slate roof, 175 ft NW
Warehouse D -- brick with a metal or slate roof, 120 ft west
Warehouse E -- brick with a metal or slate roof, 380 ft NW
Warehouse F -- brick with a metal or slate roof, 330 ft NW
Warehouse G -- brick with a metal or slate roof, 375 ft NW
Warehouse H -- brick with a metal or slate roof, 475 ft NW
Warehouse L -- frame, 75 ft north,
Hot house, brick with a metal or slate roof, 200 ft NW

The warehouses and adjacent buildings were all closely grouped but separated by a heavy fire wall to limit loss in the event of a fire. Warehouses E, F, G, H and a new aging room, like the distillery itself, were identified as "sprinkled risks".

The insurance records identify W A Gaines & Co. as owners. The company was dissolved in 1922 and the distillery converted to a chair factory.

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