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The Ben Mattingly Distillery
RD #14, 5 th District
Marion County, KY

Insurance underwriter records compiled in 1892 indicate that that the distillery was located 1-1/2 miles SW of St Marys. The distillery was of frame construction with a shingle roof. The property housed cattle and included a cattle shed and there were three warehouses, one still unfinished. Both of the bonded warehouses were of frame construction with shingle roofs, one located 160 ft E of the still, #2 located 170 ft E of the still.

At that time, it was being run by B F Mattingly.

In 1902, the distillery was acquired by Brown, Forman & Co. , wholesalers from Louisville who had been supplied by the still for the past twenty-odd years. The changed their name to the Brown-Forman Dist. Co. to reflect the purchase.

Cecil notes that the new owners built warehouses and a bottling house in 1907 at a cost of $75,000. He also suggests that the still had ceased operations by 1918 and was destroyed by fire in 1919, with the remaining stocks being transferred to the White Mills plant in Jefferson Co.

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