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The Jett Bros. Distillery
RD #5, 6 th District
Carrollton County, KY

(Est. 1881)

The distillery was built in 1881 by the Jett brothers (James F Jett [b. 6-20-1847], Joseph S Jett. George W Jett and Albert N Jett: Johnson, E. P., History of Kentucky and Kentuckians, Vol. III, 1912).

James Jett was General Manager. He had worked at the Old Darling distillery for three years during his early 20's and hence had experience of the business. Captain Albert N Jett had recently mustered out of Company K in the 13th Regiment of the Kentucky Infantry, where he had served during the Civil war. Albert and George sold most of their interest in the distillery in 1888 and in 1889 the remaining two brothers incorporated at the Jett Bros. Distilling Co., with James as President. Joseph apparently moved to Peoria, IL., where he was selling product under the guise of the Richland Distilling Co.

Insurance underwriter records compiled in 1892 suggest that the distillery was of brick and frame construction with a metal or slate roof. The property included a frame cattle pens and five warehouses:
A free iron-clad warehouse with a metal or slate roof located 180 ft SE of the still
A new brick-built bonded warehouse with a metal or slate roof, located 100 ft SE of the still
A free brick-built warehouse with a shingle roof located at 404 S Main St
A free brick-built warehouse located at 9 Court St
A free brick-built warehouse located on Sycamore St.

The insurance records show that the distillery was being operated by Jett Bros.

The distillery closed with Prohibition but was refurbished and reopened after Repeal. It was ultimately sold to Schenley in the 1940's and then closed.

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