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The Glencoe Distillery
RD #106, 5 th District
Jefferson County, KY

(Est. 1872)

1872: The Glencoe distillery was built at 2540 Broadway in Louisville. Its original mashing capacity was 160 bushels Cecil (1999) notes that it was built by Jacob Stitzel, while Downard (1980) has Philip and later his brother Frederick as the orginators.

1883: The distillery was razed by fire, but rebuilt.

1892: Insurance underwriter records note that the distillery was of frame construction. The site included cattle pens located 79 ft south of the still, and thee warehouses:
Warehouse A -- brick with a metal or slate roof, located 35 ft west of the still. Part of the warehouse was Free.
Warehouse B -- iron-clad, located 120 ft SW of the still
Warehouse 3 C -- iron-clad, located 83 ft north of the still.

The insurance records show that it was owned by Stitzel Bros. Co.

1906: Phil and Fred Stitzel left the family company to run their own distillery that had been built in 1902 or 1903 (RD #17, 5th District).

1908: The Glencoe was sold to Phil Hollenbach and William LaRue Weller.

The distillery was closed and dismantled during Prohibition.

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