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The Sunny Brook Distillery
RD #297, 5 th District
Jefferson County, KY

The Sunny Brook Distillery was located on 28 th & Broadway alongside the Willow Creek Distillery (RD #5). The two distilleries shared warehouses and were both owned by Rosenfield Bros. & Co. of Chicago during a part of working lives.

Cecil (1999) suggests that the distillery was operating as the Associated Distilleries of KY in 1882, but in 1892 was purchased by Rosenfield Bros.

Insurance underwriter records compiled in 1892 suggest that the distillery was of iron-clad construction and that the Willow Creek Distillery was contained within the same building. The property included five warehouses:
Warehouse No. 1 -- brick with a metal or slate roof and located 48 ft east of the still.
Warehouse No. 2 -- frame with a shingle roof, located 35 ft north of the still. It had been removed by the 1896 update.
Warehouse No. 3 or C -- iron-clad with a metal or slate roof, located 100 ft east of the still.
Warehouse No. 4 or D -- iron-clad with a metal or slate roof, located 40 ft east of the still.
Warehouse No. 5 -- iron-clad with a metal or slate roof, located on Lewis Ave., 540 ft south of the still.
A cattle shed was located 300 ft south of the still-house.

In 1892, the insurance records showed that it was being operated as the Old Kentucky Distilling Co., late Old Times Distilling Co.

Cecil (1999) notes that the two conjoined plants were sold to the Sunny Brook Distillery in 1914 for $1 m, with Morris Rosenfield in charge as President, Joseph Sampson Rosenfield as Sec.

Louis Rosenfield acquired the property and brands in 1917 for $35,000 and $20,000 respectively and then sold it to American Medical Spirits in 1933. The distillery had remained active as a concentration warehouse during Prohibition.

The distillery continued production after Repeal under the control of National Distillers, but was razed in 1975.

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