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The J G Mattingly & Bro. Distillery
RD #2, 5 th District
Jefferson County, KY

(Est. 1874)

The distillery was built in 1874 between High Ave and Rudd Ave, 39th and 40th Sts. It was established by J G Mattingly and his brother.

1879: J G Mattingly became sole owner. He then entered into partnership with his four sons and operated the plant as J G Mattingly & Sons. All of the sons except for B D Mattingly had retired by 1883, but the company name remained unchanged.

1888: A coffee still was installed to compete with the Trust (Cecil, 1999). In July of 1888, the company reorganized as J G Mattingly & Sons Co., with J G and B D Mattingly being sole owners of the plant.

1889: In September, the company ran into financial difficulties and ceased operations. The distillery with its brands ("J. G. Mattingly & Sons, Standard Bourbon, Est. 1845, Louisville, KY.," and "J. G. Mattingly & Sons, Pure Rye, Est 1845, Louisville, KY."), trademarks and labels were sold at public auction for a sum of $125,000. The purchaser was Paul Jones of Louisville.

1890: On February 12, Jones took possession of the distillery and in Feb. 27 began operating it as J G Mattingly Co. Paul Jones was President, Sanders P Jones was Secretary and Treasurer, and James A Cunningham was General Manager. J G Mattingly was employed as plant Superintendant.

1892: Insurance underwriter records suggest that the distillery property included a mill and fermenting house, a boiler house, a distillery spirits house and a cattle barn. It also included five warehouses, two bonded, three free:
Warehouse A -- brick with a metal or slate roof and located 110 ft east of the still.
Warehouse B -- a free warehouse - brick with a metal or slate roof, located 60 ft west of the still
Warehouse C -- a free warehouse - brick with a metal or slate roof, located 65 ft north of the still
Warehouse D -- a free warehouse - brick with a metal or slate roof, located 155 ft north of the still
Warehouse E -- brick with a metal or slate roof, located 200 ft NE of the still

At that time, it was being operated by J G Mattingly & Co.

1902: The distillery was acquired by the Trust.

1903: On March 31, a fire destroyed the still-house with a loss of $50,000 in damages.

J G Mattingly Co. vs. Mattingly et al., Southwestern Reporter, 1894: Vol 27, p. 985

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