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The Bomberger Distillery
RD #48, 9 th District
Lebanon County, PA

(Est. 1753)

The distillery is reputed to have been established in 1753 by John Shenk and his brother Michael on Snitzel Creek. They were Swiss Mennonite farmers.

In the 1780s, the distillery was enlarged and Michael's son-in-law Rudolph Meyer was managing the operation.

In 1827, Shenk's great-granddaughter, Elizabeth Shenk Kratzer, inherited the distillery. Her husband John managed it for several decades.

In 1860, the Kratzers sold the plant to Abe Bomberger, who was another Shenk descendent.

Abraham's two sons (Horst H. Bomberger and Samuel Bomberger) continued operations after his death, but it closed with Prohibition.

Note that the tax districts has been reorganized prior to 1920, such that the Bomberger distillery was now RD #48 of the 1st tax district instead of RD #48 of the 9th.
>br>Pennco Distillers, Inc. acquired the distillery after Repeal and operated it until 1978, at which point it was sold to Michters. The owners subsequently abandoned the property in 1989 and it fell into ruin.

The timeline comes from Downard, 1980. The story of the distillery is also preserved on a webpage created by Yvonne Bomberger Fowler.

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