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The Tom Moore Distillery
RD #355, 5 th District
Nelson County, KY

(Est. 1889)

1889: Thomas S Moore left the Mattingly & Moore distillery and purchased 116 adjoining acres from J W Muir, just half a mile from Bardstown. Here he built a new distillery with a mashing capacity of 100 bushels. T E O'Keefe of Oswego, NY helped provide the financing and retained a stake in the distillery.

1892: Insurance underwriter records suggest that the distillery was of frame construction with a metal or slate roof. The property included two warehouses:
Warehouse No. 1 -- iron-clad with a metal or slate roof and located 150 ft south of the still.
Warehouse No. 2 -- frame with a compositie roof, located 310 ft south of the still.

At that time, it was being operated by Tom Moore

1909: Fire destroyed two of their warehouses with the loss of 14,000 barrels. They were rebuilt.

1920: Prohibition closed the distillery. A new one was built in its place after Repeal.

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