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1849 - 67 YEARS - 1916 / Magnolia (script, with a magnolia stem bearing three flowers running vertically at rear) / The Fleischmann Co. (slanted).

ID#: KWS530
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Glass Category:Liquor advertising
Glass Type:Thin-walled shot
Label Type:Usual white-etched label
Dimensions:*2-3/16" x 1-13/16" x 1-1/2"
Edmonson:OASG, p. 68, entry #5
Fleischmann & Co. listed from 1872-1918.

*Glass measurements have not been confirmed.

The Fleischmann Co. was founded in 1868 by Charles and Maximillian Fleischmann and James Graff of Cincinnati. They had distilleries in Riverside, OH (location noted in the Cincinnati directory listings) and Peekskill, NY.

They had offices in several cities, including Baltimore, Buffalo, Pittsburg and San Francisco. Their general office for the Eastern division was in New York.

The "Established 1849" claim comes from the Magnolia brand, which was established in 1849 by S.N. Pike & Co. Fleischmann & Co claimed sole ownership, but S. N. Pike's Magnolia is also shown registered to Geo Kidd in New York, NY in 1874 and Mills-Johnson Co, Cincinnati in 1876 (Snyder). Several other companies also lay claim to "Magnolia".

The 1912 Annual Report of the Chamber of Commerce lists the following officers: Julius Fleischmann, Max C Fleischmann, Hugh M Freer, Marion G Overend, W D Phillips, Casper H Rowe, and Alois Zeckendorf at Riverside.

The 66th annual report lists all of the previous except Marion G Overend as being associated with this company in 1914.

Brand names used by this company include: "Congress Hall Rye", "Fleischmann's Perfection Gin", "Fleischmann's Pilgrim Gin", "Fleischmann's Royalty Gin", "Fleischmann's Van Dyck Gin", "Pilgrim Gin", "Queen Mary Scotch", "Roadrunner", "S. N. Pike's Magnolia", "Sylvan Grove Rye", "White Tavern", and "White Tavern Tom Gin."

Company name timeline:
Fleischmann & Co. (1872-1905), The Fleischmann Co. (1906-1918)

Address timeline:
Lower River Road, Riverside (1872-1874), SS O. & M. R. R., Riverside (1875-1876), SE cor 4 th & Elm (1877), SS O. & M.R.R. nr Boldface Creek, Riverside (1878), Office: 23 Pike's Opera House (1879-1884) & Distillery Riverside (1883-1897), 169-171 Plum (1886-1887, 1893-1895), cor Perry & Plum (1888-1900), 419 Plum (1898-1918)

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