Elgin, IL.
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Listed first (1884-1887) as Phil. Freiler, redistiller & wholesale wine & liquor mechant and Prop. of Elgin Boss Sample Room. Later listings show him as Philip Freiler, Wholesale & Retail Liquors.

Elgin was the home of the world-reknowned Elgin National Watch Co. Their symbol was Father Time which is where the name of Freiler's famous whiskey comes from. Philip Freiler, was a respected, community-minded Elgin businessman despite whiskey being the source of his wealth.

Elgin went dry in 1914 and the business was closed. Freiler died in 1916.

The company used the brand names:
"Belle of Navarre", "Bluff City", "Century Club", "Congress Club", "Dr. Schenk's", "Father Time", "Freiler's 1869 Elmwood", "Freiler's 1880 Congress Club", "Freiler's 1883 Fine Old Little Joe", "Freiler's Old Bluff", "Freiler's Old Little Elgin", "Freiler's Silver Tide", "Kentucky Queen", "Old Elgin", "Old Father Time Rye", and "Ready Money."

Business name timeline:
Phil. Freiler

Address timeline:
No information

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