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Joseph Park, Charles Tilford, Grocers. While no further listings could be found, the Park & Tilford name did exist on whiskey bottles into the 1940's or 1950's. c.1915: From a paper label on an early ABM 5th Ave. & 26th St., Madison Ave. & 76th St., Broadway & 41st-87th-101st-112th &146th Sts., 5th Ave. & 59th St., Columbus Ave. & 72nd St., Lenox Ave. & 126th St. New Warehouse 529-549 W.42nd St. New Candy Factory 543-551 W. 43rd St. New York. West End N.J. Key West Havana Paris

The company used the brand names:
"Bel Mar", "Greenlees Old Malt", "Lorne Highland", "O' Shannon Irish", "P & T", "Park & Tilford", and "Park & Tilford's Monogram."

Business name timeline:
Joseph Park, Charles Tilford

Address timeline:
917 Broadway (1880-1895), & 120 6th Ave (1880-1895), & 658 6th Ave (1880-1895), & 784 5th Ave (1880-1895), & 254 Columbus Ave (1895)

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