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The history of this company has been extensively researched by Bill Ambrose (2002).

The Stoll family, operating as Stoll & Co., established the Commonwealth distillery in 1880 (RD #12, 7th Dist.). Their principal brand was "Old Elk". The company was dissolved in 1885 and the Commonwealth Distilling Co., (Richard P Stoll, Charles H Stoll, James S Stoll and others) assumed responsibility for running the distillery. When the Commonwealth was deeded to the Trust in 1899 and subsequently razed, Stoll & Co. was reformed by James S Stoll, late of Stoll & Vanetta.

In December 1902, Stoll & Co. incorporated, with James S Stoll as President, George J Stoll III (Stoll's son) as VP and Samuel C Stofer as Secretary and Treasurer.

The company then acquired control of the Ashland (RD #1, 7th Dist.) and Bond & Lillard (RD #274, 8th Dist.) distilleries from the Trust, so they now controlled the "Bond & Lillard", "Old Tarr", "Ashland" and "Old Elk" brands.

In March 1905, the company acquired the Belle of Nelson (RD #271, 5th Dist.) and E L Miles (RD #146, 5th Dist.) distilleries, both located in New Hope, KY., making them the largest distilling concern in KY.

In 1907, Stoll & Co. merged with Stoll, Hamilton & Co.. James S Stoll was President, John G Stoll (son of Richard P Stoll) and George J Stoll were VPs, Samuel C Stofer was Secretary & Treasurer.

Richard P Stoll had died in 1903 and was followed in 1908 by James S Stoll. The combined Stoll family distilling interests were turned over to the Trust (KD&W), at which point the Ashland was torn down.

Stoll & Co. continued under the control of Samuel Stofer until Prohibition.

The company used the brand names:
"Ashland", "Ashland", "Bond & Lillard", "Old Buck Horn Rye", "Old Elk", "Old Elk", "Old Tarr", and "Old Tarr."

Business name timeline:
Stoll & Co. (1902-1911), Stoll & Co. Inc. (1912-1916)

Address timeline:
409-411 W Main

Business category timeline (abbreviations decoded below):

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Appearance in directories:

Directories consulted:
1875-1876, 1898-1899, 1902, 1904-1905, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1911, 1912, 1914-1915, 1916-1917, 1919

Lexington directory notes:
V = Wine & Liquor (Wholesale), V-R = Wine & Liquor (Retail), W = Whiskey (Wholesale), L = Liquor (Wholesale), D = Distiller, DA = Distiller's Agent. Wholesale. Entries in the 1902 directory are followed by numbers in parentheses, suggesting that a city street renumbering occurred in the previous year.

Directory and background information was researched, compiled and donated by Bill Ambrose.

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