Bottles and Extras, Vol. 15, Issue 3 (Summer 2004), pp. 34-37

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    Continuing with my series of regional shot glass collections, this column deals with the collection of Ed Sipos from Scottsdale, Arizona. Shot glasses are actually only the tip of the Sipos iceberg. 

    Ed is primarily an Arizona collector .. a member of ABA and has been editor of the A-1 Chapter club newsletter of the BCCA since 1997.  So, while this column is a slight departure from the "shot glass only format" of previous ones, you'll find a couple of pre-pro etched Tucson and Phoenix glasses mixed in among some spectacular mini-mugs, match strikers & other smalls.

For the second issue in a row, we're featuring a foreign born collector. Ed's originally from Brazil but has lived in Scottsdale most of his life, where he runs his own jewelry shop and brings a goldsmith's eye to the art of display of both jewelry and collectibles. You'll find him lurking in the eBay shadows under "azsaloon".

    Q: Ed, what first got you interested in collecting pre-pro shot glasses?

Iím not sure exactly. Iíve collected breweriana for some time so I guess it stemmed from that. I had a few pre pro etched beer glasses in my collection when I first took notice of the pre pro whiskeys. The etched whiskeys were very similar and some had very nice graphics. Plus at the time, they were cheaper and took up less space on the shelf.

    Q: Do you recall what the first glass you actually purchased was?

I purchased two glasses from a little antique store in Phoenix. The first was an Erminie Rye from Traitel & Rice and the second was a Puritan Grape Juice glass from Paw Paw, Michigan. I think they cost a couple of dollars each. I still have both in my collection.

    Q: How large is your collection overall?

I have approximately 65 glasses right now. Iíve limited my collection to one display case to keep improving on quality. As I get better glasses, I may let go of one. Iíve reached the point however, that the ones I own right now, Iím not sure I want to let go of yet, so Iíll need to add another display case. I like to display my shot glasses in old hotel key cabinets that have been converted into display cases. Iíve been lucky and found two with the original glass doors. I have three right now. One for shot glasses, one for advertising openers, and one for my mini mug collection.

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