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       Glass Inscription    State
      Carroll Rye Toasts Our Friends     CA
      Carroll Rye Toasts California Girl     CA
      Carroll Rye Toasts the Workingman     CA
      Castle Brand Pure Whiskies     MA
      Castlewood Whiskey Cartan McCarthy     CA
      Cought on the Fly Carroll Rye     CA
      M H Chamberlain Silver Rye Detroit     MI
      Champagne Binet Fils     France
      Chapman & Co The House of Quality     WA
      L Chassange Co     CA
      Chat Noir     
      Chesterfield Whiskey     OH
      Chippewa Whiskey     NY
      Chums Scranton Distributing Co [old]     PA
      C&K Bourbon     CA
      C&K Bourbon [var]     CA
      Claremont Tavern     OR
      Clermont AAA Levaggi     CA
      Clermont AAA Levaggi [with measures]     CA
      Clover Rye     TN
      Coast Club Whiskey     
      Columbe’s Pride of the Wheat     
      Commodore Bourbon     OH
      Commodores Royal OK Marx & Jörgensen     OR
      Commodores Royal OK Bourbon     OR
      Compliments Independent Wine & Liquor     CA
      Compliments of Bob Meyer     CA
      Compliments of Bohemian Liquor Store     WA
      Compliments of Boone Spring Distillery Co     CA
      Compliments of Boone Spring [barrel]     CA
      Compliments of Boone Spring [var]     CA
      Compliments of Brunkhorst     CA
      Compliments of Cannitzer & Lucas     CO
      Compliments of Capital Liquor     ID
      Compliments of Colton Wine & Liquor     CA
      Compliments of Cunnison     CA
      Compliments of Cunnison Beers     CA
      Compliments of John Deis     OH
      Compliments of Joseph Demers     RI
      Compliments of Grand Commandery     CA
      Compliments of W H Hennessey A Lynn Shoemakers     MA
      Compliments of Hoffmans     WA
      Compliments of Kellys Liquor Store     OR
      Compliments of Krug Bros     CA
      Compliments of U Lottes     OR
      Compliments of Old Mission Wine Co     IN
      Compliments of Leo V Powers     
      Compliments of San Pedro Wholesale     CA
      Compliments of Santa Clara Wine Co     CA
      Compliments of the California Wine House     ID
      Compliments of the Ind Wine & Liquor     CA
      Compliments of the Louisville Distributing     MT
      Compliments of the Utah Liquor Co     UT
      Compliments of Yellowstone     CA
      Compliments of Ziegler & Menkan     CA
      Compliments of Zimmerman & Co     OR
      Compliments of Zimmerman & Co [var]     OR
      Compliments Remington Commercial Co     OR
      Compliments Spring Valley Wine Co     OR
      Conneaut Lake     
      Connelly Flaherty S P Cafe     CA
      Coon Hollow Whiskey     KY
      Covington Grove     CA
      Cream of Kentucky Whiskey     OH
      Crescent Wine Co     CA
      Davy Crockett Pure Old Bourbon     CA
      Davy Crockett Saloon     CA
      Crown Cocktails     CA
      Crown Cocktails [flared]     CA
      Crown Cocktails Ready to Drink     CA
      Crown Diamonds Old Malt Whiskey     WA
      Crown Jewels Mett Kanne     MO
      Crow Whiskey Lapp Goldsmith Co [var]     KY
      Cuckoo Whiskey A Blend     MA
      Cunningham Whiskey [label under glass]     CA
      Cupid Pure Rye Hyman     OH
      Currys Pure Malt     OR
      Custers Reserve Whiskey     CA
      J F Cutter     CA
      J H Cutter     KY
      J H Cutter [heavy base]     KY
      J H Cutter [old English]     KY
      J H Cutter [engraved]     KY
      J H Cutter [caps]     KY
      J H Cutter [caps var]     KY
      J H Cutter Karten     KY
      J F Cutter Whiskey E Martin & Co     CA
      J F Cutter Whiskey E Martin & Co [type var]     CA
      J F Cutter Whiskey E Martin [highball]     CA
      Dakota Belle     MN
      Dallemand & Co Inc     IL
      Dallemand & Co Cream Rye     IL
      Damon Lodge No 10 1899     IA
      Days of 49 Meyerfeld Mitchell     CA
      Days of 49 Meyerfeld Mitchell [var]     CA
      Geo Delaporte Agent Yellowstone     CA
      Geo Delaporte Agent Yellowstone [caps]     CA
      Ike Deutch Liqours     CA

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