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       Glass Inscription    State
      Pacific Club OK Old Bourbon     WA
      Pacific Club Whiskey Lyons     CA
      Pacific Coast Wine and Liquor     CA
      Pacific Coast Wine and Liquor [barrel]     CA
      Pacific Grand Whiskey No 6     CA
      Palace of Art Ernest Haquette     CA
      Pan American Exposition 1901     NY
      Panama Club     
      Pan American Exposition When You Drink [tail up]     NY
      Pan American Exposition When You Drink [tail down]     NY
      Pauls Res’t     
      Peerless Bourbon     CA
      Penney Bros Phones     OR
      Penney Bros Portland     OR
      Pennsylvania Chief Rye     PA
      James E Pepper [black label]     KY
      H R Peterson Portland     OR
      Phoenix Bourbon Naber Alfs Brune     CA
      Phoenix Club Whiskey     IL
      Phones Yosemite Wine Co     CA
      Phone Elliott Levinsons     WA
      Phones B’dway Western Wine Co.     CA
      Pirate Club Pure Rye Whiskey     PA
      JF Plumel Co Importers     CA
      Plymouth Rock Whiskey Cobe & Co     MA
      Thomas Pollard Pure Rye     PA
      Portland Club CKCo     OR
      Portland Club [label under glass]     OR
      Portland Club Bourbon [label under glass]     OR
      Pottets Liquor Store     CA
      120 Powell Street Herberts     CA
      Prairie Queen All Rye Whiskey     WA
      Pride of the Pacific Laventhal     CA
      Private Stock Whiskey McLeod     CA
      Puck Rye [label-under-glass]     OH
      Pure Old Sour Mash Whiskey     KY
      Purity Liquor Co Ellwood     OR
      Purity Quality PQ Whiskey Spang     MA
      Quaker City Monogram Barets     CO
      W B Quigley Co Wholesale Liquor     CA
      R & L Standard Whiskey     UT
      Red Fox Rye Mueller [var]     CA
      Red Fox Whiskey Luria     NY
      Red Top     OH
      Red Top Rye Whiskey     OH
      Red Top Rye [label under glass]     OH
      Red Top Rye [label under glass: var]     OH
      Remington Liquor Co Portland     OR
      Return Baltimore Rye     MD
      Return Trade Mark Baltimore Rye Thos G Carroll Son Co     MD
      Paul Revere Trade Mark     MA
      Rice & Shane 60 Market St     CA
      Richardson Brunsing Co Oak Run     CA
      Rich Mellow Private Stock Fine Old Whiskey     MA
      Ridgemore Whiskey     CA
      Riegers Double A     UT
      Roanoke Rye SB Co     CA
      Robertsons Dundee Whisky     UK
      Rogers Wholesale Liquors     OR
      Rose City Imp Co     OR
      Rose City Importing Co     OR
      Rose City Importing Co [barrel]     OR
      Rosedale Siebe Bros & Plageman     CA
      Rosedale Siebe Bros & Plagemann     CA
      Rosemond SBR     CA
      Rose Valley Whiskey     KY
      Rothenberg Co Old Judge     CA
      Rothenberg Co Mendles Gamecock     CA
      Rowland & McLeod     WA
      Royal Life Bourbon Levaggi     CA
      Royal Liquor Store     OR
      Royal Royal Liquor Store     OR
      Royal Stag Trade Mark OK Bourbon [etch var ]     CA
      Royal Stag Trade Mark OK Bourbon [acid etched]     CA
      Royal Stag Whiskey Ahrens Bullwinkel     CA
      Ruby Saloon Palestine Texas     TX
      Russell & Gilberts R&G     
      M Salzman Co     NY
      Chas W Sander Wholesale Liquors     OH
      San Jose Club Straight Whiskey     CA
      Santa Monica Wine Co.     CA
      Santa Rosa Vineyard Co KGCo     CA
      Santa Rosa Vineyard Co KLCo     CA
      Sartori & Co     WA
      Schneider & Fieber The Palace     CA
      Schoettler Mercantile Co     CA
      Schwartz & Klein Schwartz Special     OH
      John Schweyer & Co Distillers     IL
      Seal of Kentucky Whiskey     KY
      Seminole Club Rye Whiskey     NY
      Seward Rye [enamel]     OH
      Shadow Brook Whiskey     CA
      Shady Brook Its Whiskey     CA
      Shamrock The Wm Bergenthal Co Milwaukee     WI
      Sheehans Tavern     
      Phil Sheridan Maryland Rye     
      Sherwood Mascot Whiskey     CA
      Sherwood Robin Hood Whiskey     CA
      C Sheuerman Denver     CO
      Siebe Bros & Plagemann Rosedale     CA

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