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       Glass Inscription    State
      Trade Mark GS&F     
      Trade Mark Kentucky Bourbon High Life     OR
      Trade Mark Tom Taylor     CA
      Trade Purity Mark CFA Last Los Angeles     CA
      Treadwell     CA
      Treich & Loustaunou     CA
      Trotter Registered Whiskey Haller Pittsburgh     PA
      Try OIC Rye     OR
      Turn Halle Cafe and Old Heidelberg     OR
      Twomey & Miholovich The Yellowstone     CA
      United We Stand     
      University Club Landregan & White     CA
      Vim Pure Rye H Varwig & Son [enamel]     OR
      Vim Pure Rye H Varwig & Son     OR
      Vim Rye H Varwig & Son     OR
      Vim Whiskey H Varwig & Son     OR
      Vim Whiskey H Varwig & Son [heavy wreath]     OR
      Visit the Old Log Cabin     MA
      Walnut Hill OK Bourbon     OR
      Walnut Hill OK [in base]     OR
      Walnut Hill OK [shield]     OR
      Thos J Walsh Co     CA
      Walshs Special No 4     MA
      Warrens OK Bourbon     CA
      Warrens Rye and Bourbon     CA
      Warrens Whiskey Winedale     CA
      Warrens Whiskies     CA
      Washington Brand Boyd Market St     PA
      Washington Brand Boyd Philadelphia     PA
      Washington Liquor Co     WA
      Weil Bros & Sons [2 barrels]     CA
      Weil Bros & Sons [3 barrels]     CA
      What Cheer Kiley     RI
      White Oak Distillery Sour Mash Whiskey     TN
      White Rock Whiskey     NY
      Bob White Whiskey     
      Whiting Rye Winedale     CA
      Willcox [enamel]     
      Willow Creek Whiskey Germain     CA
      Wilmes Pure Rye     MI
      Winner Rye Magullion     MA
      Wolffs A Wolff Fruitvale Cal     CA
      Wolffs Special Reserve Whiskey 536-538 Sansome     CA
      Wolfs Famous Distilling Co     MO
      M Wollstein Wholesale Liquor Dealer     MO
      James Woodburn Co     CA
      Woodford Co [enamel]     IL
      Woodland Whiskey Crigler [red label]     KY
      Worlds Exposition 1885     LA
      Worlds Fair 1893     IL
      Worlds Fair Pure Old Rye     IL
      Wyoming Club Rye Whiskey Friedlander Bro Hazelton     PA
      Yankee Rye Whiskey OB Cook & Co     MI
      Yellowstone     KY
      Yellowstone [13 flutes]     KY
      Yellowstone [15 flutes]     KY
      Yellowstone Geo Delaporte     CA
      Yosemite Wine Co     CA
      Yuba County Fruit Brandies     CA
      F Zimmerman & Co [2-line]     OR
      F Zimmerman & Co [3-line]     OR
      Zimmermans Family Liquor     OR
      Zythum Bourbon Sroufe     CA

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