Ahrens, Pein & Bullwinkel. (ca. 1893-1916)

According to Bill and Betty Wilson ("Spirits Bottles of the Old West", 1968), George M. Ahrens, George H. Pein and John D. Bullwinkel were in business from 1893-1905.  After the earthquake in 1906, Pein drops out of the company and it becomes Ahrens-Bullwinkel Co. (1907-1916). 

The three Royal Stag glasses must therefore be pre-quake, whereas the one at left is post, as is the half-pint flask below.  The flask is complete with label and screw top: imagine a window display full of these side by side in pre-pro San Francisco!


The scroll-edged metal sign shown below dates to the same time period. This wonderful advertising piece for Royal Stag and A.B.C. Bourbon (Ahrens-Bullwinkel Co.'s two main brands) features a stock elk that appears on many beer and liquor signs and trays from the pre-pro period, including a relatively common Geo. Stagg Co. O.F.C. Bourbon tray.

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