Eagle Glen Whiskey

The Lucchesi collection includes a bottle label and a shot glass advertising Eagle Glen whiskey but, while the label claims Mohns and Kaltenbach to be the brand owner, the shot glass lists Werle and Willoh.  Both were based in San Francisco.



How do we explain this discrepancy?  Fortunately, the Lucchesi collection includes several rare whiskies that help shed some light on this little mystery. 

The photos above show three different embossed whiskey bottles, all bearing the Eagle Glen brand name.  They all display the same business address at 29 Market St. in San Francisco.  But three different names are shown.  The clear whiskey in center position bears the name Mohns & Kaltenbach - the same as on the bottle label above.  According to Bill and Betty Wilson ("Spirits Bottles of the Old West", 1968) the company operated under this name from ca. 1895-1900.  

In 1900,  Kaltenbach was replaced by another Mohns.  Mohns & Mohns (the name on the clear fifth at left above) operated from 1901-1904.

In 1905, 29 Market St is occupied by Werle & Willoh.  This is the name that appears on the amber whiskey at right above and the shot glass at left.  Werle & Willoh must have taken over the Mohns & Mohns concern and inherited the Eagle Glen brand along with it. 



They stayed at this address until 1906, the year of the great earthquake.  


From 1907 until prohibition, Werle & Willoh were at 55 Market St.  This is the address found on the amber whiskey shown at right and on the only shot glass (not shown) listed in Historic Shotglasses.

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