Naber, Alfs & Brune (ca. 1875-1918)

The name Naber, Alfs & Brune is as well-recognized as the Phoenix brand for which they are famous, but the company began life as Ehlers and Brand in 1871.  They were wholesale liquor dealers at 322 Clay Street.  Ehlers left the company in 1875, selling his interests to Henry D. Naber.  Brand and Naber then moved to 413 Front St. in 1877.   In 1880, Ernest  Brand, the senior partner, sold out to William Alfs and Henry Brune and the familiar Naber, Alfs and Brune was born.

Naber, Alfs and Brune became one of the major retailers supplying the west.  Their most popular brands were Phoenix Bourbon, as mentioned above, and Damiana Bitters, but they also sold Club House Bourbon, Gold Medal Bourbon, Union Club Bourbon, Rock and Rye, Rum Punch Extract and Blackberry Brandy (Thomas, 1974).

The  company name Naber, Alfs and Brune continued until Prohibition, although Alfs and Brune assumed control in 1909 and by 1913 Alfs was the sole owner.   

Naber, Alfs & Brune apparently relied on word of mouth to sell their main brand because they produced relatively little in the way of advertising.  The shot glasses shown at right are the only known examples.


The clear "Sole Agents" coffin flask shown at left is the only know example of its kind.  It dates to 1890's.  One can only imagine what it's worth.


The clear coffins at left and the amber flasks below both dates to 1888-1899.  Although the clear flasks are not unique (cf. the one above), they are also very rare.




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