Colored Labels

There are relatively few examples of glasses with a colored label. The most common is 'Woodland Whiskey' from Crigler and Crigler, KY.  This glass has a fiery red label that adds considerable interest  to an otherwise monochrome pre-pro collection.  The second most common is "Green Mountain Distillery", which is labeled in blue.  Other examples of glasses with a colored label include 'McHenry', 'Hasterlick Bros.', 'Red Top Rye'. and 'Eastern Club' .  

'Woodland Whiskey' is a common glass from the Crigler & Crigler Dist. of  Covington, KY.   'Green Mountain Distillery' , a beautiful blue-etched glass from Kansas City, MO. 'Eastern Club', an unusual unlisted glass.  Its city and state of origin is unknown. Any Ideas?


last updated: October 16, 2009                   

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