Contributors to This Web Site

This website was built with contributions from the following collectors:

Steve Abbott ( database)
Bill Armstrong ("how to" text; database)
Clint Baker ( database)
Dick Bales (all databases, "the common stuff")
George Brinkman ( database)
Howard Currier (all databases, co-glassmaster)
Jim & Julie Dennis (research material for databases)
Barbara Edmonson ( & city databases)
Paul Gronquist ( & city databases)
Jay Hawkins ( & city databases)
John Healy (research literature)
Rich Lucchesi ( database)
Bill Naglik ( database)
Robin Preston (glassmaster)
Tom Quick ( database)
Andy Regrut (city database)
Barb & Roger Roy (photos)
Ken Schwartz ( database)
Bruce Silva ( database)
Ed Sipos ( database)
Mark Smith & Laura Rock-Smith (city database)
Jack Sullivan (city database)
Ralph Van Brocklin ( database)
Paul Van Vactor ( database)
Roger Vaughn ( database, research literature)
Tony Vincent ( database)
Kevin Wade ( database)
Thanks also to the following individuals for providing background information:

Jim Habermehl

David Young



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