Embossed Labels

There are also relatively few pre-pro glasses that were labeled by embossing, which is surprising given that this type of label was standard for labeling dose glasses from the same era.  Presumably dose glasses were meant to be kept in the bathroom cabinet and used and re-used repeatedly, whereas the whiskey shots were disposable throw-aways much like the styrofoam or plastic disposables of today.  The more common embossed pre-pros  include three variants of a 'Harvest King' shot glass and the larger 'A. M. Jones'.  

'Harvest King, Old Baltimore Rye' from the Danciger Bros., Kansas City, MO. This is the base of the Harvest King glass shown at left, and says 'FOR PRIVATE USE'   'Harvest King' a variant of the glass shown at left.
'Security Distilling Co., Chicago.' This glass is otherwise unmarked - there is a lesson here for shot-hunting in the wild. 'A.M.Jones, Registered Distillery No. 97, Liberty, MO.'  'Old sunny Times, Schiller Bros., Kansas City, MO and Cairo, IL'

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