Common Error #7

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This is a common and classic photographic error - the camera is too far away from the glass so we see lots of background and a tiny little glass in the middle.

If you spend any time on eBay, then you'll have seen many such examples. It's actually not a bad record of the glass - there's a nice black paper insert to provide contrast for the label, there's a clean neutral background, and there's little in the way of distracting reflections.

The main problem is that the photographer is standing too far away from the glass and hence it occupies only a small portion of the frame.

Sometimes situations like this are unavoidable - if the camera cannot focus on objects closer than a few feet, for example. However, most digital cameras come supplied with software that allows one to manipulate the image. One of their more important attributes is that they allow the photographs to be cropped to exclude irrelevant or distracting backgrounds, which would have been appropriate here.  It doesn't improve the resolution of the photo but it does present a more pleasing image:


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