Natural Light, Example #2

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This is the same glass that I used on the previous page but the photo was taken using the digital camera.  The goal was to make the label stand out as clearly as possible so it can be read in its entirety (for inclusion in the shot database).

Light is natural and coming in from a window at rear, background is black felt, camera is about 2 inches above the glass.

Reflections:   As in example #1, I was photographing on an overcast day to keep reflections at a minimum.  The glass was set up in a NW-facing  window but I was photographing just after dawn so that the sun was coming up at my back.  Even on an overcast day, photographing into the sun will create unwanted highlights and glare.   One has to be careful to pick a bright overcast day because heavy cloud cover shifts the color of the light toward a depressing gray-blue.

Background:   To make the label stand out as clearly as possible, I'm again using the black felt that I bought at the local crafts store and supported it at the rear with a pile of books.  As mentioned on the first page, black felt sucks up the light and creates an inky backdrop, although you can still see its texture at the front where the glass is standing.

Contrast:  The fact that the light is coming from behind the glass means that the background is in shadow, which helps allow it to drop out.  It additionally means that the label is back-lit and that makes it glow.  The downside to this lighting arrangement is that any dust, dirt, bubbles or other defects in the glass also light up with equal intensity!

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