History of Individual Distillers

Collected below are links to pages summarizing the history of several distillers.  Most of these links are to pages on external sites.  Since these links periodically get broken, you also have the option of viewing these pages as cached on the dates indicated.  

Don't forget to also check the City and Distillery Databases, a growing compilation of information on wholesalers and distillers gleaned from various sources. The databases include 20,000 merchants and 3,000 Registered Distilleries as of writing!

Crigler, Boone County KY
        Llewellyn N Crigler    (view as cached, 5/16/03)
        R. L. Crigler    (view as cached, 5/16/03)
        Personal histories located on KyGenWeb at the genealogy site,

Henderson County KY
        Reprint from a local newspaper regarding early distillers (view as cached, 4/6/06)
        Article regarding Henry Kraver (view as cached, 4/6/06)

Gibson, Philadelphia PA (view as cached, 10/10/03)
        A history by Cassandra Vivian

McHenry, Benton PA    (view as cached, 5/15/03)
        An illustrated history of the McHenry distillers from a Benton home town site

Hiram Walker, Detroit MI and Canada
        A website maintained by the present day company that produces 
        "Canadian Club" whiskey

Shawhan, KY and Weston MO   (view as cached, 5/15/2003)
        A history of the Shawhan family distillers posted on genealogy site

Bristol Virginia/Tennessee Distillers and Liquor Dealers
        Lots of good info and pictures on this two-state town.  The site is maintained
        by collector Charlie Barnette

Tennessee Distilleries: Their Rise, Fall and Re-Emergence (view as cached, 1/20/05)
        An article by Kay Baker Gaston

American Whiskey
       An account of modern-day rambles through the whiskey-making regions 
       of yesteryear, complete with photos of the old distilleries and their products.  
       A travelogue maintained by John & Linda Lipman.

The Oscar Getz Museum, in Bardstown, KY.
       If you're in the neighborhood, drop by and take a look.


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