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From: "Joe Lais"
To: "Robin R. Preston"
Sent: Monday, April 20, 2009 9:56 PM
Subject:  Found in the wild

On Saturday I went to the Antique Spectacular Show & Flea Market at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds. Spotted a typical tray of post-pro crap. Then I told myself that is exactly where a deal might be found. No luck just crap. Then I pulled back the identification card in front of the tray that was supported by another shot. I was looking straight down at the rim of a classic thin walled shot. Could it be? Pulled it up where I could see the face and was disappointed to see an ordinary text glass. It was only $2. So I took a look. It was so clean and perfect I started thinking post-pro. Drat a four digit phone number. But wait it was a mail order glass. I thought mail order was strictly pre-pro. (am I right?) Then I noticed it was from South Dakota. How many glasses can there be from SD and for $2 there was no risk. So I bought it.