Hi-Balls, Old Fashions and Tumblers

After passing some ill-defined size threshold , shot glasses cease to be shots and become highball glasses.  A 'Highball' is prepared by adding soda water to whiskey so highball glasses are necessarily larger to accommodate the extra volume.  This category and their larger relatives represent another collecting gray area, in this case falling between shot and beer glasses.  Although no less attractive than shot glasses, the larger glasses attract little interest from the collecting community and hence their prices tend to be correspondingly lower.

Highballs: Pre-pro highball glasses are made of the same thin glass as the shot glasses and have much of the same appeal. They typically stand three to three-and-a-half inches tall, although some are larger.  Many of the brand names that are familiar from the pre-pro shot-glass world are represented on highballs, including 'Red Top Rye' and Yellowstone'.

'Red Top Rye Highball' with a rare combo beaded and colored label 'Paul Jones Highball' 'Harper' Highball

Tumblers: Standing about 4 inches tall, the whiskey tumblers are more closely related to beer glasses than shots.  Many whiskey (whisky) glasses from the UK come in this size, but there are many common home-grown varieties including  a series of Hiram Walker's Whiskey glasses and many larger highballs.

A collection of Hiram Walker's Whisky tumblers

"Old Fashion" Glasses: These glasses are squat and heavy and clearly intended for serious bar use.  I know of only one, an 'Old Grand-Dad', although surely there must be more.  If anyone is interested in expanding this section, please contact the glassmaster

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