Metal Shots

Some pre-pro collectors restrict their acquisitions to glass shots but if you want to add a little diversity to a collection, other type of shot 'glass' are available.  Most common are the metal shots, which come in three basic forms - Thimbles, Aluminum cups, and Telescoping Cups.

Thimbles:  I really have to wonder if anyone was actually amused by the tippler who insisted that he was "only drinking a thimble-full" and then pulled out an oversized,  two-ounce thimble, but apparently someone thought that they were cute.  Unbranded thimbles in aluminum and sterling silver are easy to find.  Occasionally, a branded thimble comes up for sale with the message being embossed in the base and/or inscribed around the mouth.  Some examples are shown below.


Advertising thimbles stand about 2" tall.  They often have one label embossed into the end and another  around the mouth.  This says  "Good Old Quality Will Never Tarnish" A thimble advertising 'Y.P.M. (Young's Pure Malt) Whiskey' from the Alex Young Co, Philadelphia, PA. 'The Kentucky Liquor House, Springfield, MO."
A rare thimble from GA advertising 'Old Sharpe William Rye' (embossed around the mouth)  'Lancaster Liquors' from Owensboro, KY.  This distributor also produced shot glasses. This thimble advertised 'Nutmeg Club Whiskey' (around the mouth) from William Turner of Hartford CT.


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