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The Dougherty's Sons Distillery
RD #2, 1 st District
Philadelphia County, PA

(Est. 1849)

The distillery was located on the west side of Front St. in Philadelphia and was built in 1849 or 1850.

1879: The property was surveyed by Ernest Hexamer who mapped two stills and four warehouses and noted that the plant employed 30 men. Both stills were heated by steam. The first was wooden, with a capacity of 750 gallons. The second was copper, 1200 gallon capacity. The details of the four warehouses (Hexamer's numbering) were as follows. Warehouse 1, built 1864, capacity 3,000 barrels. Warehouse 2, built 1867, capacity 3,400 barrels. Warehouse 3, built 1868/1869, capacity 3,200 barrels. Warehouse 5, built 1870, capacity 6,500 barrels.

see http://www.philageohistory.org/rdic-images/view-image.cfm/HGSv14.1354-1355 for the full plan.

1889: The property was resurveyed. The facility housed two stills but now both were copper. Warehouse 1 had been enlarged in 1879 and now had a capacity of 4,000 barrels. A new large warehouse (#9) had been added in 1889 between Front St. and Adrian St., capacity 5,000 barrels. (see http://www.philageohistory.org/rdic-images/view-image.cfm/HGSv23.2252-2253 for the plan.

1894: The property was resurveyed by Hexamer, showing that the business and property continued to expand. Warehouse 3 has been rebuilt in 1893 and now held 3,800 barrels. Several new floors had been added to warehouse 9, so that it now held 25,000 barrels. Warehouse 2 was temporarily being used as a Free warehouse (see http://www.philageohistory.org/rdic-images/view-image.cfm/HGSv29.2829-2830 for the plan.

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The Dougherty distillery, ca. 1875

Internal Revenue recorded warehouse transactions for The Dougherty's Sons Distillery as follows:
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