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The Eagle Distillery
RD #8, 2 nd District
Daviess County, KY

(Est. 1869)

According to Cecil, the Eagle was built in 1869 by T J Monarch as a 50 bushel house. City directories show that the Eagle Distillery Co. had offices in Owensboro and on Main St. in Louisville. T J Monarch was President of the company, with Geo A Williams as Secretary in 1882, B McFarlan as Secretary in 1883.

In 1890 the Eagle was sold to R Monarch following the death of its founder. It fetched $110,000. Information from insurance underwriter records compiled in 1892 show that the distillery was brick-built with a metal or slate roof and supplied two bonded and three free warehouses, and a barn full of cattle. The barn was located 153 ft east of the still.

The first of the bonded warehouses, Warehouse "A" was 500 ft NW and heated by had a separate boiler located 100 ft south of the still. This, like all of the warehouses on the property, was frame construction with a shingle roof. Warehouse "B", or "No. 8" was 140 ft NW of the still, while three free warehouses were at 320 ft N, 325 ft N and 200 ft NW.

In 1900, the distillery was sold to Tom Moore (Bardstown) and T E O'Keefe (Oswego, NY) following the death of R Monarch.

In 1908, the Eagle was renamed and became the "Imperial". It was dismantled during Prohibition.

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Internal Revenue recorded warehouse transactions for The Eagle Distillery as follows:
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