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The Coon Hollow Distillery
RD #294, 5 th District
Nelson County, KY

The Nelson County, KY, Distillery Co. maintained an office in Louisville. The city directories for this office note that:
1883-1885 -- N Miller, President, Wm Egelhoff Secretary & Treasurer
1886 -- N Miller, President, J W Shallcross Secretary & Treasurer
1887-1889 -- N Miller, President, Julius Wanner was Secretary & Treasurer

Insurance company underwriter records from 1892 suggest that the Coon Hollow distillery was adjacent to and operated in concert with the Big Spring distillery, both located at Coon Hollow Station in Nelson County. Nelson Co. KY, Dist. Co.

The property was extensive, with a double frame distillery and frame cattle barns 180 ft west of the stills. There were six bonded warehouses and an annex, as follows:
Warehouse A -- iron clad with a metal or slate roof, 327 ft west of the still. Part of the warehouse was Free.
Warehouse B -- iron clad with a metal or slate roof, 112 ft NW of the still, 12 ft from Warehouse A.
Warehouse C -- iron clad with a metal or slate roof, 240 ft NW of the still, 4 ft from Warehouse B and 15 ft from No. 1
Warehouse No. 1 -- brick with a metal or slate roof, 100 ft west of the still
Warehouse No. 2 -- brick with a metal or slate roof, 150 ft west of the still, 10 ft from No 1
Warehouse No. 3 -- brick with a metal or slate roof, 150 ft west of the still: records are confusing but this may have been a Free subsection of No. 2.
Annex -- iron clad with a metal or slate roof, 300 ft NW of the still.

The insurance records note that the distillery was being run by Chas. L Krigger, as Alvin Wood & Co.

In 1900, both distilleries became a part of the Whiskey Trust and under the control of Kentucky Distilleries & Warehouse Co.

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The Coon Hollow Distillery provided product that was sold under the following aliases:

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