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The Farthing Distillery
RD #3, 28 th District
Erie County, NY

(Est. 1854)

The following is a history of the distillery located at Pratt & William Sts. The history applies to the building at that location, but the RD# has been inferred from warehouse withdrawals by Cook & Co. at the turn of the century. Cook controlled two distilleries in Buffalo and it is not certain that the correct RD# assignment has been made to the Pratt & William location: this may be the # of their still on Spring St.

The distillery was built by George Truscott somewhere around 1854.

Around 1868, the distillery had been acquired by Thomas Moore, who owned several plants (see the McKeesport, PA listing for more details). He ran it with his son William, who retired from the business in 1872 (the company lists as Moore & Sons in the Buffalo directories).

By 1879, George & Thomas Farthing were in control. Apparently the distillery and its stock yards were not popular with its neighbors in the rapidly-growing city. A New York Times article reports that the still house was destroyed by fire in 1882, although the cause was accidental rather that malicious. The article also refers to George Farthing's recent death.

A newspaper article published in 1883 suggests that the Farthing's accounting practices has been rudimentary to non-existant and the company was on the verge of financial collapse. The company stops listing in city directories at this time.

By 1884, E N Cook & Co. are listing the distillery on their letterheads and referring to it as "Distillery No. 2" or the "Rum Distillery".

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The Farthing Distillery provided product that was sold under the following aliases:

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