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The Old Grand Dad Distillery
RD #420, 5 th District
Bullitt County, KY

(Est. 1790)

1790: The distillery was originally established by Raymond B Hayden on the family farm near Bardstown in Nelson Co. Raymond was the son of Lewis Hayden and Mary Dant, and the grand-son of Basil Hayden. Basil is credited with being a distiller (or possessing knowledge of how to distillate) from Maryland who moved the family west in 1785.

1840: Hayden established the "Old Grand-Dad" brand.

1885: Hayden teamed with F L Ferrell and built the Hobbs Station plant close to the L&N Railroad line that ran between Bardstown & Springfield. When Hayden died, P S Barber bought a share in the operation and it was operated as Barber & Ferrell. Note that IRS and insurance records all refer to "Ferrell", but other documents from the company itself use the spelling "Ferriell".

1892: Insurance underwriter records suggest that the distillery was of frame construction and the property included a single bonded warehouse. It was iron-clad and was located 56 ft east of the still. The records show that it was owned by R B Hayden & Co., late Barber & Ferrell.

When Barber died, he was succeeded by A B Baldwin, the owners becoming Baldwin, Ferrell & Co.

1899: The Wathen family of distillers acquired the plant and it began operating as the Old Grand-Dad distillery. Nace Wathen (brother of J B Wathen) was put in charge as manager and distiller. The Old Grand-Dad Distillery company maintained an office in Louisville until 1919 or later.

1900: Fire destroyed the distillery, but it was rebuilt.

1920: Prohibition. The distillery was abandoned and was not resurrected.

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