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The Mayfield Distillery
RD #229, 5 th District
Larue County, KY

The Mayfield distillery was located alongside two others (RD #87 and RD #377) in LaRue County, 2 miles south of New Haven, KY.

According to Cecil (1999), the Mayfield was built by J M Atherton in 1879 on a site where John Boone had previously operated two distilleries.

Insurance underwriter records compiled in 1892 are difficult to decode given the relationship between the three plants, but they suggest that the distillery was brick. The property included several warehouses. All were brick-built and fitted with metal or slate roofs:
Warehouse A -- located 125 ft SE of the still. The north end of this warehouse comprised Free Warehouse No. 3
Warehouse A-B -- Warehouse A and A-B joined and communicated.
Warehouse B -- located 120 ft SE of the still.
Warehouse C -- located 100 ft SE of the still and 100 ft SE of RD #377
There were also cattle pens, located 350 ft NE of the still house.

The insurance records note that the still was being operated by A Mayfield & Co. but doing business as a multitude of other companies (see below)

In 1899, the Mayfield was sold to the Trust. It continued operating until Prohibition, when it was closed. A new plant was built on the site following Repeal.

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The Mayfield Distillery provided product that was sold under the following aliases:

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