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The Old Times Distillery
RD #1, 5 th District
Jefferson County, KY

(Est. 1869)

1869: The Old Times Distillery and Old Times brand were established by John G. Roach. Zoeller (2010) suggests that the distillery was originally on the south side of Broadway, the site of what would later become the Willow Creek distillery (RD #5).

1878: Roach sold both distillery and brand to Anderson Biggs.

1889: Biggs died and his widow, disapproving of the business, sold to the first bidder for $17,000. The new owners were Chas. Lemmon, President, formerly with F. G. Paine & Co., D. Meschendorf, VP and A. W. Bierbaum, Secy-Treasurer. Operating as The Old Times Distillery Co., their brands were Old Times and Gladstone.

1890: Bierbaum died and was succeeded by Meschendorf.

1892: Insurance underwriter records note that the distillery property included a single brick warehouse ("No. 1") with metal or slate roof, located 370 ft SE of the still. Part of this warehouse was assigned to RD #297. The distillery was noted to be operated by Old Times Distilling Co.

1897: Meschendorf withdrew from the distilling company after having acquired the Mayflower Distillery (RD #354). His interest was purchased by Ferdinand Westheimer, operator of large distributing houses in St. Joseph, MO, and Cincinnati, OH.

1901: By 1901, the distillery formerly known as Old Times had become RD #5 (now known as the Willow Creek) and a new plant has been built across the street on the NE corner of 28th and Broadway. Government records show it operating as the Old Times Distillery and the Number One Distillery.

1908: Lemmon died and was succeeded by J. J . Beck, who in turn was succeeded by D. H. Russell.

1910: The plant is operating at 150 bushels per day, with a warehouse capacity of 25,000 barrels stored in three warehouses. Ed X Jackman is listed as the distiller.

1913: Westheimer died.

1920: The distillery closed with the enforcement of Prohibition. The last warehouse transactions show it to be operating as the Number One Distillery Co.

History from the Coyte papers, cited in OASG (1988), and from Zoeller (2010).

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