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The Levy & Glosking Distillery
RD #30, Maryland
Kent County, MD

Although listed as being under the Maryland Tax District, the Levy & Glosking distillery was actually located in North St, west of West St., in Dover, Kent Co. Delaware. By 1910, it consisted of a still-house, two warehouses, and office building and at least five other structure including a storage facility. It ceased operations sometime prior to 1919, when it was being used by the Harrington & Bailey Apple Products Co. (see p. 12 of the following publication on the Delaware State website: http://www.deldot.gov/archaeology/historic_pres/north_st_dover/pdf/north_st_dover_bg_research.pdf

Review bonded warehouse transactions for this distillery

Internal Revenue recorded warehouse transactions for The Levy & Glosking Distillery as follows:
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