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The Wheatland Distillery
RD #75, 1 st District
Berks County, PA

(Est. 1893)

The distillery was established as the Wheatland in 1893, and an ad from the same year proclaimed:

"The Wheatland Pure Rye Whiskey Distillery, owned and operated by Messrs. Miller & Mooney, 206 and 208 South Front Street, Philadelphia, is located at Womelsdorf, Berks County, Pa., in the heart of the section famous for producing rye that yields the best and purest whiskey known. The water used in connection with this distillery is from a spring under the slope of South mountain, celebrated for its purity, and which has made Wernersville one of the great sanitariums of the country. The Wheatland Distillery is one of the most complete In the state, having all of the latest improvements known to the trade. The distiller and superintendent, Mr. I . H. Keiper, has had many years of experience, possibly more than any other person in this business in the state. Between 1873 and 1888 he was engaged in making the widely - known Mt. Vernon Whiskey. Those who desire an absolutely pure article for medicinal purposes will find the Wheatland Whiskey all that is claimed for it. Messrs. Miller & Mooney manufacture only one grade, strictly pure rye and barley malt. Cooperage and storage first-class in a steam-heated bonded warehouse, built upon the rack system, which has no superior in point of completeness in this section.

In 1894, the distillery was surveyed by Ernest Hexamer. He notes that the distillery manufactured pure rye whsikey and employed 4 men. It had been remodeled for use by Miller & Mooney in 1893, and the warehouse was erected in this year also.

The warehouse measured 32 ft by 40 ft, was iron clad, and had a tin roof. It could hold 4,000 barrels in 12 racks.

There were two stills on the premises. The first was a grain still of wood construction and had a capacity of 800 gallons. A second copper still held 500 gallon. Both were heated by steam.

The details of the survey can be found at http://www.philageohistory.org/rdic-images/view-image.cfm/HGSv29.2772.

In Feb. 1908, the Miller Pure Rye Distilling Co. was declared bankrupt. S V Nagle is shown as President.

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