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The Lynndale Distillery
RD #470, 5 th District
Jefferson County, KY

The Lynndale distillery was located at Howard and 18th St (846-860 S 18 th). The date of establishment is not known, but ca. 1900. It was built by the Hoffheimer Bros., wholesalers who were based in Cincinnati. They already owned and operated the White Mills Distillery (RD #414, 5th District) at this location, and the Lynndale was built alongside to expand their operations. Both distilleries continued to Prohibition, and then they were sold to G Lee redmon & Co., who used the plants for bottling whiskey to be sold for medicinal purposes.

In 1924 the distilleries were sold to Brown-Forman, who continued bottling throughout Prohibition. They built a new plant on the site upon Repeal (Cecil 1999)

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