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Kellerstrass (arched, old English type) / PURE RYE / DISTILLING CO. (reverse arched) / KANSAS CITY. MO.

ID#: RRP1379
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Glass Category:Liquor advertising
Glass Type:Thin-walled shot
Label Type:Usual white-etched label, gold rim
Dimensions:2-1/8" x 1-7/8" x 1-1/2"
Edmonson:HSG, p. 96, entry #2
City:Kansas City
Kellerstrass Distilling Co. listed from 1900-1916.

Snyder (OBM6/74): Kellerstrass Distillery No. 22 was established by A B Ross in 1888 and operated to 1913. It was located in Paradise, Clay Co., MO.

Snyder notes that the Kellerstrass company was established in 1899 as successor to Columbia Supply Co. They operated a mail-order business until 1913 when the Webb-Kenyon act prohibited shipments to dry areas.

A booklet from the company dated 1903 or therafter, lists the company officers as Ernest Kellerstrass, Karl Kellerstrass, C.E.P. Kellerstrass, C.L. Kellerstrass, Robert Kellerstrass, and G.S. Kellerstrass.

The company was still operating in 1916, but the company officers were now O H Cook (President), B J Tietsch (Vice President) and J I Cook (Secretary).

The following is taken from The Kansas City Journal for Friday, December 25, 1903:

Probably the most generous Christmas giver in Kansas City yesterday was Ernest Kellerstrass, the big distiller, whose presents to those who serve him, all given in gold, amounted to just $2,710. Every man and woman in his employ, or who has been of service to him in the last year, received gifts ranging from $5 to, in one case, $1,000 in gold. The telephone girls at the Central office, the express wagon drivers, the postman and everyone else who came in touch with his enormous business, was remembered.

The princely generosity of Mr. Kellerstrass had been well known in the past, but this year he fairly outdid himself. "But the Kellerstrass Distilling Company never did such a business in its life as in this year," said he, when speaking modestly of his munificence, and I wanted all those who had helped its success to share in its good fortune."

The employees of the company did not forget Mr. Kellerstrass either. The women "chipped in" and bought him two magnificent imported tankards, while the men combined in a smoking set of horn and ivory, mounted in gold, with his monogram on the ivory. Two handsomer gifts were not given yesterday.

Brand names used by this company include: "Belle of Missouri Rye", "Kellerstrass", "Old 79 Velvet", and "Old Oscar Cook."

Company name timeline:
Kellerstrass Distilling Co.

Address timeline:
1400-1404 Main (1900-1901), 11-21 W 14 th (1902-1904), 526 Delaware (1915-1916)

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