A mechanical trade card trade card advertising Harper Whiskey from the Bernheim Bros Co. of Louisville, KY.

This is the most common of all the Harper cards and numerous examples can be found, each with a different liquor dealer, hotel or saloon printed above the advertising on the obverse of the slider.

The card consists of an envelope containing a sliding insert. When closed, it measures 2-3/4" by 5-3/4". The front shows a young lady in a fancy gown and gloves, with a fan in her left hand. Beneath her, there is an invitation "PULL OFF MY GOWN / AND SEE THE WHISKEY OF GREATEST RENOWN. The obverse is printed with the name of a dealer at top, and underneath there is the familiar acorn with the Bernheim Bros. monogram, and a panel with the name HARPER / WHISKEY.

When the sliding portion is pulled from the envelope, the card extends to 9-1/2" and reveals the young lady in her corsets with a glass of Harper whiskey in her hand and a full bottle on a small table at her left. The obverse is printed with a patent date (June 26th, 1900) and an advertising slogan: LIQUOR that makes great deeds and thoughts. HARPER WHISKEY. It is THE KING of social beverages.

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