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New York, NY.
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Est. 1848.
"Childs & Co was founded in 1848 by Noah Childs. In 1869 Mr Childs entered into a co partnership with Mr B O'Rourke which continued up to 1872 under the name of Childs & O'Rourke.

Upon the dissolution of the partnership Mr Childs entered into co partnership with Mr McCabe. That lasted until 1875 since when the business has been carried under the name of Childs & Co.

The copartners are presently Mr C. H. Childs, Mr H. A. Childs and Mr C. L. Childs. All are natives of new York.

They were formerly located at No. 308 West 42nd Street and still retain that establishment, but in 1883 erected and occupied their present premises, Nos 543 and 545 Tenth Avenue, of which they are owners.

In 1884 they introduced the brand of Monte Cristo whiskey".

(Excerpted from a company brochure dating to the 1890s: information kindly provided by

"Childs & Co." (ca. 1890) were Carl L. & Childe H. Child.

The company used the brand name: "Monte Cristo."

Business name timeline:
Louis C Childs (1880), Childe H., Henry & Carl Childs (1885), Childs & Co. (1890-1906)

Address timeline:
308 W 42 nd (1880-1903), & 248 W 27 th (1880), & 543 10 th Ave (1902-1906)

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