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New York, NY.
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Est. 1900.
"We sell to Dealers Only".

The company used the brand names:
"B. B. D. Kentucky", "Baltimore County Maryland Club", "Chatham Dry Gin", "Cornfield Corn", "Daisy Belle", "Davis Monogram", "Diplomacy Rye", "Dutch Village Gin", "Farm Yard Rye", "Folkstone Dry Gin", "Fox Hunt Rye", "General Stonewall", "Glen Ridge", "Grassy Creek", "Hanley Rye", "Jig Saw Corn", "Justice Rye", "Kopper Kettle Rye", "Long Acre", "Maywood Rye", "Montrose Club Rye", "Ocean Wave Dry Gin", "Old Beaver County", "Old Hopper Corn", "Old Long Acre", "Pennant Cabinet Rye", "Pennant Champion", "Pennant Club House Rye", "Pennant Corn", "Pennant Gin", "Pennant Irish", "Pennant Monogram Rye", "Pennant Nectar Rye", "Pennant Old Private Stock Rye", "Pennant Old Reserve Rye", "Pennant Pure Old Malt", "Pennant Scotch", "Players Club", "Regan's Pure Malt", "Rockland Rye", "Sam Benton Rye", "Town Hall", "Uncle Jeff's Corn", "Van Der Meer Gin", "Walnut Hill Rye", "Wentworth Wholesome", "White Cross Malt", and "Ye Olde Tavern."

Business name timeline:
Benjamin B Davis & Co.

Address timeline:
1493 Broadway (1903), 248-250 Hudson (1903-1919)

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