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Jessup, PA.

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Jessup is small town in the coal-rich regions of Lackawanna County in Northeastern PA. In the early 1800's it was known as Winton. Before development, Winton must have been verdant and bucholic with dense forrestation that provided fodder for the local sawmill, owned and operated by Colonel Lewis S. Watres. By the 1850's, industrialists were driving new railroads out from nearby coal center Scranton into the surrounding areas to open up the area to mining. The Lackawanna Railroad Company had recently been formed, and it was headed by a certain Judge Jessup. The Judge had a shrewd business sense and he opened a hotel in Winton borough and then contracted to have the raildroad brought into the newly formed town that now bears his name. The hotel and town's success was ensured by the opening of the Filer breaker colliery (owned by Pierce Coal Co.) and Jessup never looked back. This shot glass was produced for John Slivka. He and his wife were naturalized immigrants from Austria - he was born ca. 1870. They and their children (at least 7) ran a grocery store, wholesale liquor business and saloon (among other business ventures) in the booming town. (Thanks to Tom Petro, great-grandson of John Slivka, grandson of daughter Mary)

The company used the brand name: "Jessup Rye."

Business name timeline:
John Slivka

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