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"general Depot of The Star of the Union Stomach Bitters".

Thomas (PCSF) suggests that Amandus Fenkhausen first established a wholesale liquor business at 322 Montgomery in 1861. He also owned a saloon on Kearny St.

In 1868, Fenkhausen took on C P Gerichten as a partner but in 1874 sold the business to Wolters & Fecheimer.

In 1876, Fenkhausen created a new business in partnership with Herman Braunschweiger, who later set out on his own in a new venture.

The company used the brand names:
"A.A.A. Eureka", "Gold Drop XXX", and "Old Pioneer."

Business name timeline:
A Fenkhausen (1865-1867), Fenkhausen & Gerichten (1868-1874), A Fenkhausen & Co. (1875-1878), Fenkhausen & Braunschweiger (1879-1881), A Fenkhausen & Co. (1882-1893)

Address timeline:
809 Montgomery (1865-1866), NW cor Sansome & Jackson (1867-1868), 221 California (1869-1874), NW cor Front & Sacramento (1875-1878), 414 Front (1879-1891), 705 Front (1892-1893)

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