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I have a green, turn-mold, applied band finish, kickup style bottle bearing a label that advertises REPSOLD / COGNAC. It is from A. REPSOLD & CO., S. F. It was a medicinal brandy the exhorts the quality of California grapes. The registered distillery was in St. Helena, Calif.

A reverse label gives the chemical analysis of the cognac as completed by the California College of Pharmacy. The year of the analysis is not filled in but the day is August 2nd. The analysis is signed by W. T. Wengell, Professor of Chemistry. A list of awards at the label bottom has a series of date from 1894 to 1905 (information courtesy Ray Thompson, 2007)

The company used the brand names:
"Repsold Apricot Cordial", and "Repsold Blackberry Cordial."

Business name timeline:
A Repsold & Co. (1890-1916), A Repsold & Co. Inc. (1917-1919)

Address timeline:
517 Sacramento (1890-1896), 419 pine (1897), 416 Pine (1898-1904), 420 Pine (1905-1906), 104 Pine (1914-1919)

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