Novelty Glasses 

Our pre-pro relatives had a strange sense of humor that's difficult to understand today, and it lead to the production of several novelty shot glasses.  The "Eye Opener" glass speaks for itself, as does the ":Nightcap", but the "Going Back on a Friend"?  There's also a series of "Hog" glasses, in which the imbiber was warned not to fill the glass to a level that endangered the life of the etched Hog, or in some cases Fly, or Monk.  These glasses typically do not attract a lot of competition but they rival the whiskey glasses in their variety, detail of etching, and attractiveness. 


'Eye Opener'

'Night Cap'

'Going Back on a Friend'

A later version of  'Going Back on a Friend

'A Big Drink' 'Don't Drown The' very fat Hog These two  'Don't Drown' glasses were part of a series produced by master etcher George Truog.  More details can be found in OASG.  

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