A fake STONY RIDGE A fake OLD CROW A fake KENTUCKY TAVERN, suggested to be from Richmond WVa
A fake DILLINGER WHISKEY.  The original is unlisted but is probably from Dillinger & Sons of Ruffsdale, PA. A fake J. T. S. BROWN, from Louisville, KY A fake Wm Foust's Sons from Glen Rock.  The logo is copied from the label-under-glass variant: it sold for $73.
A Louis Taussig & Co., suggested to be from San Francisco.

A fake Golden Wedding.  The pre-pro original was from Pittsburgh, PA.

A fake AMS Corn Whiskey - the orginal would have been from shortly after Repeal
An Imperial Whiskey glass Yet another Old Crow This may have been one of the first fakers to list: a crude "KY Crown".

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