Item number: SG6532
Origin: Louisville, KY
Inscription: A"JOEL B. FRAZIER" (letters decrease in height toward center of line) / OR / "BONNIE RYE" / (two lines) / HighBall (slanted script) / (two lines) / IS GOOD

On the reverse of the glass is a circle outline enclosing three grain stalks, bound at their base, pictured against a barrel end. To either side of the stalks is tsp TRADE MARK. A panel slanted across the design reads BONNIE, and arched above the circle outline is REG.IN.U.S.PAT.OFF.
Dimensions: 4-7/16" x 1-15/16" x 1-13/16"
Condition:  There is a rim depression that is rounded over and occurred during manufacture and minor scuffs and scratches from handling, but there are no cracks, chips or dings and the inscription is very strong. A rare fancy highball glass!
Comments: See the database for more information on the history of this glass
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