Souvenir Glasses 

Tourists in pre-prohibition times, as today, liked to take home mementos of their visit to popular attractions such as Niagara Falls.  These sites were more than happy to oblige by making a variety of shot glasses available.  Many of these glasses have survived in pristine condition, presumably because they were put in Great-Aunt Maud's curio cabinet and never used as a drinking vessel.  There are variety of glasses to choose from.  Niagara falls seems to be the premier tourist destination judging by the many glasses that are available, but the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, NY ranks a close second. Shown below is an example of a large shot glass that was sold in a custom-made case, but there are several larger glasses known to come from this event.

A beautifully etched  'From Niagara Falls' souvenir glass  A Niagara Falls 'Eye Opener' A souvenir glass from the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, NY in 1901.  
'From Niagara Falls:  When You Drink, Do of Me Think'  


' From Niagara Falls' and 'From Saratoga', glasses designed and signed in minute letters "GT" by master etcher George Truog.  

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