The Current GlassMaster

The current webmaster -- aka glassmaster -- is Robin Preston, better known to eBayers as 'oldwhiskey'. I've been collecting, trading, and selling pre-pro shot glasses since 1987 and the addiction only grows worse. They tell me that there's no cure, although I live in hope.

Why do I collect pre-pro's? Well, they're small enough to display in numbers in a relatively small space. They don't need feeding. More importantly, the designs evoke a different era. They capture the essence of this country as it was 100 years ago, a time when the conditions of the working classes were unimaginably hard but there was a very strong sense of community that often centered around the saloon. But the bottom line is that pre-pro shots are just plain beautiful!

In real life, I teach first-year medical students about human physiology and I also author publications related to both my real-life work and hobby.

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